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What makes Onigiri unique?

Hey there, I'm Nick, the brains behind Onigiri. Picture this: Onigiri was born out of my own struggles as a freelancer a decade ago. I get it; the hustle is real! That's why I poured my heart and soul into creating a tailor-made solution focused on enhancing the freelancer experience.

Unlike other corporate-backed platforms, Onigiri is all about indie-making principles. I firmly believe in building something genuine, not just for profit but to make a positive impact on the freelance community. So, no venture backing here! Onigiri is my personal bet for a liberated life, and I'm going all-in to ensure every fellow freelancer enjoys the best experience possible.

I've crafted each feature with love and care, keeping your needs and preferences at the forefront. So, let's join forces, and together we'll make your freelance journey not only successful but also a delightful and fun-filled ride!

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